SearchResult.Path Property


Gets the path for this SearchResult.

 property System::String ^ Path { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Path { get; }
member this.Path : string
Public ReadOnly Property Path As String

Property Value

The path of this SearchResult.


The following example is an excerpt of the example in SearchResult. The original example creates a new DirectoryEntry object with the desired path and uses the FindOne method to initiate the search. After performing the search, the example uses the GetDirectoryEntry method to retrieve the live directory entry that is identified in the search results.

This example shows how to parse the Path property from the search result.

Dim mySearchResultPath As String = mySearchResult.Path  
Console.WriteLine("The path for the 'mySearchResult' search result is : {0}" + _  
                  ControlChars.Newline, mySearchResultPath)  
string mySearchResultPath = mySearchResult.Path;  
Console.WriteLine("The path for the 'mySearchResult' search "  
                  + "result is : {0}\n", mySearchResultPath);  
String^ mySearchResultPath = mySearchResult->Path;  
Console::WriteLine("The path for the 'mySearchResult' search result is : {0}\n", mySearchResultPath);  


The Path property uniquely identifies this entry in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy. The entry can always be retrieved using this path.

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