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LineCap Enum


Specifies the available cap styles with which a Pen object can end a line.

public enum class LineCap
public enum LineCap
type LineCap = 
Public Enum LineCap


AnchorMask 240

Specifies a mask used to check whether a line cap is an anchor cap.

ArrowAnchor 20

Specifies an arrow-shaped anchor cap.

Custom 255

Specifies a custom line cap.

DiamondAnchor 19

Specifies a diamond anchor cap.

Flat 0

Specifies a flat line cap.

NoAnchor 16

Specifies no anchor.

Round 2

Specifies a round line cap.

RoundAnchor 18

Specifies a round anchor cap.

Square 1

Specifies a square line cap.

SquareAnchor 17

Specifies a square anchor line cap.

Triangle 3

Specifies a triangular line cap.


The following example draws a line with an arrowhead at one end and a round cap at the other end. To run this example, Create a Windows Form and handle the form's Paint event. Paste the example code into the Paint event handler passing e as PaintEventArgs.

Pen pen = new Pen(Color.FromArgb(255, 0, 0, 255), 8);
pen.StartCap = LineCap.ArrowAnchor;
pen.EndCap = LineCap.RoundAnchor;
e.Graphics.DrawLine(pen, 20, 175, 300, 175);
Dim pen As New Pen(Color.FromArgb(255, 0, 0, 255), 8)
pen.StartCap = LineCap.ArrowAnchor
pen.EndCap = LineCap.RoundAnchor
e.Graphics.DrawLine(pen, 20, 175, 300, 175)


You can draw the start or end of a line in one of several shapes called line caps. GDI+ supports several line caps, such as round, square, diamond, and arrowhead. The following illustration shows a line with a round cap and an arrow cap.


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