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EncoderParameterValueType Enum


Specifies the data type of the EncoderParameter used with the Save or SaveAdd method of an image.

public enum class EncoderParameterValueType
public enum EncoderParameterValueType
type EncoderParameterValueType = 
Public Enum EncoderParameterValueType


ValueTypeAscii 2

An 8-bit ASCII value. This field specifies that the array of values is a null-terminated ASCII character string.

ValueTypeByte 1

An 8-bit unsigned integer.

ValueTypeLong 4

A 32-bit unsigned integer.

ValueTypeLongRange 6

Two long values that specify a range of integer values. The first value specifies the lower end, and the second value specifies the higher end. All values are inclusive at both ends.

ValueTypePointer 9

A pointer to a block of custom metadata.

ValueTypeRational 5

A pair of 32-bit unsigned integers. Each pair represents a fraction, the first integer being the numerator and the second integer being the denominator.

ValueTypeRationalRange 8

A set of four 32-bit unsigned integers. The first two integers represent one fraction, and the second two integers represent a second fraction.

The two fractions represent a range of rational numbers. The first fraction is the smallest rational number in the range, and the second fraction is the largest rational number in the range. The values are inclusive at both ends.

ValueTypeShort 3

A 16-bit, unsigned integer.

ValueTypeUndefined 7

A byte that has no data type defined. The variable can take any value depending on field definition.


GDI+ uses image encoders to convert the images stored in Bitmap objects to various file formats. Image encoders are built into GDI+ for the BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG formats. An encoder is invoked when you call the Save or SaveAdd method of a Bitmap object.

The NumberOfValues data member of the EncoderParameter object indicates the length of the character string including the null terminator.

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