BinaryReader.Read7BitEncodedInt Method


Reads in a 32-bit integer in compressed format.

protected public:
 int Read7BitEncodedInt();
 int Read7BitEncodedInt();
 int Read7BitEncodedInt();
protected internal int Read7BitEncodedInt ();
public int Read7BitEncodedInt ();
protected int Read7BitEncodedInt ();
member this.Read7BitEncodedInt : unit -> int
Protected Friend Function Read7BitEncodedInt () As Integer
Public Function Read7BitEncodedInt () As Integer
Protected Function Read7BitEncodedInt () As Integer


A 32-bit integer in compressed format.


The end of the stream is reached.

The stream is closed.

An I/O error occurred.

The stream is corrupted.


BinaryReader does not restore the file position after an unsuccessful read.

If the integer will fit in seven bits, the integer takes only one byte of space. The integer is expected to have been written through BinaryWriter.Write7BitEncodedInt.

For a list of common I/O tasks, see Common I/O Tasks.

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