HashAlgorithm Enum


Specifies the hash algorithm used by Message Queuing when authenticating messages.

public enum class HashAlgorithm
public enum HashAlgorithm
type HashAlgorithm = 
Public Enum HashAlgorithm


Mac 32773

MAC keyed-hash algorithm.

Md2 32769

MD2 hashing algorithm.

Md4 32770

MD4 hashing algorithm.

Md5 32771

MD5 hashing algorithm.

None 0

No hashing algorithm.

Sha 32772

SHA hashing algorithm.

Sha256 32780

SHA-256 hashing algorithm.

Sha384 32781

SHA-384 hashing algorithm.

Sha512 32782

SHA-512 hashing algorithm.


Message authentication provides two services. It provides a way to ensure message integrity and a way to verify who sent the message. To request authentication, the sending application must set the authentication level of the message to be authenticated and attach a security certificate to the message.

To authenticate messages, the Message Queuing run-time DLL on the source computer uses a hashing algorithm when creating a digital signature for a message. The target Queue Manager then uses the same hashing algorithm to authenticate the message when it is received.

For more information about the authentication process, see How Message Queuing Authenticates Messages.

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