TrusteeType Enum


Specifies the type of a trustee.

public enum class TrusteeType
public enum TrusteeType
public enum TrusteeType
type TrusteeType = 
type TrusteeType = 
Public Enum TrusteeType


Alias 4

The trustee is an alias.

Computer 5

The trustee is a computer.

Domain 3

The trustee is a domain.

Group 2

The trustee is a group.

Unknown 0

The trustee type is unknown, but not necessarily invalid.

User 1

The trustee is a user.


A trustee is often a user or group, but it might also be a computer on the network or a recognized domain. When you want to grant or set access rights, specify the trustee type in the TrusteeType member of a Trustee.

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