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IPGlobalProperties.DomainName Property


Gets the domain in which the local computer is registered.

 abstract property System::String ^ DomainName { System::String ^ get(); };
public abstract string DomainName { get; }
member this.DomainName : string
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property DomainName As String

Property Value

A String instance that contains the computer's domain name. If the computer does not belong to a domain, returns Empty.


A Win32 function call failed.


The following code example displays network information for the local computer.

IPGlobalProperties ^ properties = IPGlobalProperties::GetIPGlobalProperties();
Console::WriteLine( "Computer name: {0}", properties->HostName );
Console::WriteLine( "Domain name:   {0}", properties->DomainName );
Console::WriteLine( "Node type:     {0:f}", properties->NodeType );
Console::WriteLine( "DHCP scope:    {0}", properties->DhcpScopeName );
Console::WriteLine( "WINS proxy?    {0}", properties->IsWinsProxy );
IPGlobalProperties properties = IPGlobalProperties.GetIPGlobalProperties();
Console.WriteLine("Computer name: {0}", properties.HostName);
Console.WriteLine("Domain name:   {0}", properties.DomainName);
Console.WriteLine("Node type:     {0:f}", properties.NodeType);
Console.WriteLine("DHCP scope:    {0}", properties.DhcpScopeName);
Console.WriteLine("WINS proxy?    {0}", properties.IsWinsProxy);

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