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NegotiateAuthenticationStatusCode Enum


Specifies the statuses for a single step of an authentication exchange.

public enum class NegotiateAuthenticationStatusCode
public enum NegotiateAuthenticationStatusCode
type NegotiateAuthenticationStatusCode = 
Public Enum NegotiateAuthenticationStatusCode


BadBinding 3

Channel binding mismatch between client and server.

Completed 0

Operation completed successfully.

ContextExpired 6

Referenced authentication context has expired.

ContinueNeeded 1

Operation completed successfully but more tokens are to be exchanged with the other party.

CredentialsExpired 7

Authentication credentials have expired.

GenericFailure 2

Operation resulted in failure but no specific error code was given.

ImpersonationValidationFailed 15

Validation of the impersonation level failed.

InvalidCredentials 8

Consistency checks performed on the credential failed.

InvalidToken 9

Checks performed on the authentication token failed.

MessageAltered 5

Message was altered and failed an integrity check validation.

OutOfSequence 12

Authentication token was identfied as duplicate, old, or out of expected sequence.

QopNotSupported 11

Requested protection level is not supported.

SecurityQosFailed 13

Validation of RequiredProtectionLevel against negotiated protection level failed.

TargetUnknown 14

Validation of the target name failed.

UnknownCredentials 10

The supplied credentials were not valid for context acceptance, or the credential handle did not reference any credentials.

Unsupported 4

Unsupported authentication package was requested.

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