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SslStream.HashStrength Property


Gets a value that identifies the strength of the hash algorithm used by this instance.

 virtual property int HashStrength { int get(); };
public virtual int HashStrength { get; }
member this.HashStrength : int
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property HashStrength As Integer

Property Value

An Int32 value that specifies the strength of the HashAlgorithmType algorithm, in bits. Valid values are 128 or 160.


The following code example displays the cryptography settings for the specified stream.

static void DisplaySecurityLevel( SslStream^ stream )
   Console::WriteLine( L"Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream->CipherAlgorithm, stream->CipherStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream->HashAlgorithm, stream->HashStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream->KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream->KeyExchangeStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Protocol: {0}", stream->SslProtocol );
static void DisplaySecurityLevel(SslStream stream)
   Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol);
Private Shared Sub DisplaySecurityLevel(stream As SslStream)
    Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol)
End Sub


The value of this property is zero until the authentication occurs.

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