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PrintTicket.GetXmlStream Method


Returns a MemoryStream object that represents the property values of a PrintTicket as an XML stream that conforms to the Print Schema.

 System::IO::MemoryStream ^ GetXmlStream();
public System.IO.MemoryStream GetXmlStream ();
member this.GetXmlStream : unit -> System.IO.MemoryStream
Public Function GetXmlStream () As MemoryStream


A MemoryStream object that describes the print ticket with XML that conforms to the Print Schema.


If any properties of the PrintTicket are null, they will simply not be included in the XML markup.

If the PrintTicket object was constructed with a PrintTicket document that contains markup elements not represented by any of the PrintTicket class's public properties, those elements will be included in the PrintTicket document returned by this method.

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