FlowControl Enum


Describes how an instruction alters the flow of control.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public enum class FlowControl
public enum FlowControl
public enum FlowControl
public enum FlowControl
type FlowControl = 
type FlowControl = 
type FlowControl = 
Public Enum FlowControl


Branch 0

Branch instruction.

Break 1

Break instruction.

Call 2

Call instruction.

Cond_Branch 3

Conditional branch instruction.

Meta 4

Provides information about a subsequent instruction. For example, the Unaligned instruction of Reflection.Emit.Opcodes has FlowControl.Meta and specifies that the subsequent pointer instruction might be unaligned.

Next 5

Normal flow of control.

Phi 6

This enumerator value is reserved and should not be used.

Return 7

Return instruction.

Throw 8

Exception throw instruction.

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