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OpCodes.Nop Field


Fills space if opcodes are patched. No meaningful operation is performed although a processing cycle can be consumed.

public: static initonly System::Reflection::Emit::OpCode Nop;
public static readonly System.Reflection.Emit.OpCode Nop;
 staticval mutable Nop : System.Reflection.Emit.OpCode
Public Shared ReadOnly Nop As OpCode 

Field Value


The following table lists the instruction's hexadecimal and Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) assembly format, along with a brief reference summary:

Format Assembly Format Description
00 nop Performs an operation without behavior.

There is no stack transitional behavior defined for this instruction.

The nop operation does nothing. It is intended to fill in space if opcodes are patched.

The following Emit method overload can use the nop opcode:

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