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CreateObjectFlags Enum


Specifies flags for the GetOrCreateObjectForComInstance(IntPtr, CreateObjectFlags) method.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class CreateObjectFlags
public enum CreateObjectFlags
type CreateObjectFlags = 
Public Enum CreateObjectFlags


Aggregation 4

Defined when COM aggregation is involved (that is an inner instance supplied).

None 0

Flag used to indicate no flags set.

TrackerObject 1

Indicates that the supplied external COM object implements the IReferenceTracker.

UniqueInstance 2

Indicates to ignore internal caching and always create a unique instance.

Unwrap 8

Check if the supplied instance is actually a wrapper and if so return the underlying managed object rather than creating a new wrapper.

This matches the built-in RCW semantics for COM interop.

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