ProfileOptimization Class


Improves the startup performance of application domains in applications that require the just-in-time (JIT) compiler by performing background compilation of methods that are likely to be executed, based on profiles created during previous compilations.

public ref class ProfileOptimization abstract sealed
public static class ProfileOptimization
type ProfileOptimization = class
Public Class ProfileOptimization



Profile optimization requires a multicore computer. The methods are ignored on other computers.

Each time you initiate profile optimization in an application domain, the profile that was created during the previous use is read. The information in the profile is used to guide background compilation by identifying the methods that are most likely to be executed during startup. On multicore computers, this increases the chances that a method is already compiled by the time it is needed so that the main application thread does not have to call the JIT compiler.

The profile file is overwritten on each use, so it always contains the most recent information about which methods are used during startup.

Optimization profiles are not restricted to application domain startup. They can be used for any activity that will require heavy use of the JIT compiler. You can maintain multiple profiles for an application domain so that each such activity has its own profile.

To use optimization profiles in an application domain, you must call the SetProfileRoot method and specify the folder where profiles are stored. The folder must already exist. To begin using a profile, call the StartProfile method and specify the file name of the profile. If the file was not recorded previously, it is created on first use. There is no performance benefit the first time a profile is created.

Profile optimization does not change the order in which methods are executed. Methods are not executed on the background thread; if a method is compiled but never called, it is simply not used. If a profile file is corrupt or cannot be written to the specified folder (for example, because the folder does not exist), program execution continues without optimization profiling.



Enables optimization profiling for the current application domain, and sets the folder where the optimization profile files are stored. On a single-core computer, the method is ignored.


Starts just-in-time (JIT) compilation of the methods that were previously recorded in the specified profile file, on a background thread. Starts the process of recording current method use, which later overwrites the specified profile file.

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