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CngKeyBlobFormat.OpaqueTransportBlob Property


Gets a CngKeyBlobFormat object that specifies an opaque transport key BLOB.

 static property System::Security::Cryptography::CngKeyBlobFormat ^ OpaqueTransportBlob { System::Security::Cryptography::CngKeyBlobFormat ^ get(); };
public static System.Security.Cryptography.CngKeyBlobFormat OpaqueTransportBlob { get; }
static member OpaqueTransportBlob : System.Security.Cryptography.CngKeyBlobFormat
Public Shared ReadOnly Property OpaqueTransportBlob As CngKeyBlobFormat

Property Value

An object that specifies an opaque transport key BLOB.


The format of an opaque transport key BLOB is determined by, and associated with, each key storage provider. Importing and exporting a key in opaque transport format requires using the same key storage provider for both operations.

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