HostSecurityManagerOptions Enum


Specifies the security policy components to be used by the host security manager.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class HostSecurityManagerOptions
public enum HostSecurityManagerOptions
public enum HostSecurityManagerOptions
type HostSecurityManagerOptions = 
type HostSecurityManagerOptions = 
Public Enum HostSecurityManagerOptions


AllFlags 31

Use all security policy components.

HostAppDomainEvidence 1

Use the application domain evidence.

HostAssemblyEvidence 4

Use the assembly evidence.

HostDetermineApplicationTrust 8

Route calls to the DetermineApplicationTrust(ActivationContext, TrustManagerContext) method to the DetermineApplicationTrust(Evidence, Evidence, TrustManagerContext) method first.

HostPolicyLevel 2

Use the policy level specified in the DomainPolicy property.

HostResolvePolicy 16

Use the ResolvePolicy(Evidence) method to resolve the application evidence.

None 0

Use none of the security policy components.

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