IStackWalk.Deny Method


Causes every Demand() for the current object that passes through the calling code to fail.

 void Deny();
public void Deny ();
abstract member Deny : unit -> unit
Public Sub Deny ()


This method prevents callers higher in the call stack from accessing the protected resource through the code that calls this method, even if those callers have been granted permission to access it. The call stack is typically represented as growing down, so that methods higher in the call stack call methods lower in the call stack.

Deny can limit the liability of the programmer or help prevent accidental security vulnerabilities because it helps prevent the method that calls Deny from being used to access the resource protected by the denied permission. If a method calls Deny on a permission, and if a Demand for that permission is invoked by a caller lower in the call stack, that security check will fail when it reaches the Deny.

Deny is ignored for a permission not granted because a demand for that permission will not succeed.

Notes to Implementers

You cannot override this method.

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