ChannelFactory.Credentials Property


Gets the credentials used by clients to communicate a service endpoint over the channels produced by the factory.

 property System::ServiceModel::Description::ClientCredentials ^ Credentials { System::ServiceModel::Description::ClientCredentials ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.Description.ClientCredentials Credentials { get; }
member this.Credentials : System.ServiceModel.Description.ClientCredentials
Public ReadOnly Property Credentials As ClientCredentials

Property Value

The ClientCredentials used by clients if they are configured for the factory or if the endpoint is non-null and is in either the created or opening communication state; otherwise null.


The ClientCredentials object is stored as a type of endpoint behavior and can be accessed through the Behaviors property.

The OnOpened method initializes a read-only copy of the ClientCredentials object for the factory.

The ClientCredentials object is used by the ClientBase<TChannel> class (or a class that derives from this class) to create the proxy objects that can call services. The ClientCredentials object is also accessible through the ClientCredentials property.


Setting ChannelFactory.Credentials.Windows.AllowedImpersonationLevel to TokenImpersonationLevel.Anonymous always results in an anonymous logon regardless of impersonation level.

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