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MtomMessageEncodingBindingElement.Clone Method


Creates a new MtomMessageEncodingBindingElement object initialized from the current one.

 override System::ServiceModel::Channels::BindingElement ^ Clone();
public override System.ServiceModel.Channels.BindingElement Clone ();
override this.Clone : unit -> System.ServiceModel.Channels.BindingElement
Public Overrides Function Clone () As BindingElement


A MtomMessageEncodingBindingElement object with property values equal to those of the current element.


This creates a complete copy of the current binding element object tree, also called a deep clone. A deep clone of an object creates a copy of the object and a copy of everything directly or indirectly referenced by that object. (This is called copying the entire object graph.) Returning a deep clone enables the runtime to support the case in which multiple custom bindings share a custom binding element. If a deep clone is not returned, the run-time behavior is undefined. A shallow clone of an object, by contrast, is a copy of the object only. If the object contains references to other objects, the shallow copy does not create copies of the referred objects; instead, it copies only the references to the original objects.

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