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SecurityBindingElement.CreateUserNameOverTransportBindingElement Method


Creates a security binding element that is configured for client authentication based on a user name and password sent as part of the SOAP message. The binding element requires the transport to provide server authentication and message protection (for example, HTTPS).

 static System::ServiceModel::Channels::TransportSecurityBindingElement ^ CreateUserNameOverTransportBindingElement();
public static System.ServiceModel.Channels.TransportSecurityBindingElement CreateUserNameOverTransportBindingElement ();
static member CreateUserNameOverTransportBindingElement : unit -> System.ServiceModel.Channels.TransportSecurityBindingElement
Public Shared Function CreateUserNameOverTransportBindingElement () As TransportSecurityBindingElement


A TransportSecurityBindingElement object.


The created binding has IncludeTimestamp set to true. The LocalClientSecuritySettings object returned from LocalClientSettings has its DetectReplays property set to false.

The LocalServiceSecuritySettings object returned from LocalServiceSettings has its DetectReplays property set to false.

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