ServiceMetadataBehavior.HttpsGetBinding Property


Gets or sets a binding used to configure metadata retrieval when the transport is HTTPS.

 property System::ServiceModel::Channels::Binding ^ HttpsGetBinding { System::ServiceModel::Channels::Binding ^ get(); void set(System::ServiceModel::Channels::Binding ^ value); };
public System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding HttpsGetBinding { get; set; }
member this.HttpsGetBinding : System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding with get, set
Public Property HttpsGetBinding As Binding

Property Value

A Binding that can be used to retrieve metadata over the HTTPS protocol.


In previous versions of WCF, metadata retrieval was accomplished using HTTP GET to access the service help page through a web browser. Only the HttpTransportBindingElement was supported. For metadata retrieval using HTTPS GET, only the HttpsTransportBindingElement was supported. The HttpGetBinding and HttpsGetBinding properties enable the usage of bindings for metadata retrieval using HTTP GET (or HTTPS GET) and the bindings used to access service web pages to be configurable, either programmatically or through configuration files.

For more information about retrieving help pages, use the HttpHelpPageBinding and HttpsHelpPageBinding properties.

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