DispatchRuntime.CallbackClientRuntime Property


Gets the ClientRuntime object that represents the installation point for extensions to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for outbound calls to a duplex callback endpoint.

 property System::ServiceModel::Dispatcher::ClientRuntime ^ CallbackClientRuntime { System::ServiceModel::Dispatcher::ClientRuntime ^ get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ClientRuntime CallbackClientRuntime { get; }
member this.CallbackClientRuntime : System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ClientRuntime
Public ReadOnly Property CallbackClientRuntime As ClientRuntime

Property Value

The ClientRuntime object that is the installation point for run-time client customization in duplex contracts.


Use the CallbackClientRuntime to add custom extension objects that view or modify the conversion of parameters to outbound messages and response messages back into return values. For details, see ClientRuntime.

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