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SecurityMode Enum


Determines the security settings for a binding.

public enum class SecurityMode
public enum SecurityMode
type SecurityMode = 
Public Enum SecurityMode


Message 2

Security is provided using SOAP message security.

None 0

Security is disabled.

Transport 1

Security is provided using a secure transport (for example, HTTPS).

TransportWithMessageCredential 3

A secure transport (for example, HTTPS) provides integrity, confidentiality, and authentication while SOAP message security provides client authentication.


The following example sets the Mode property of the WSHttpBinding. For more examples, see How to: Set the Security Mode.

WSHttpBinding b = new WSHttpBinding();
b.Security.Mode = SecurityMode.Transport;
Dim b As New WSHttpBinding()
b.Security.Mode = SecurityMode.Transport


Any ProtectionLevel settings of a transport are ignored if the SecurityMode is set to None. For more information about the ProtectionLevel property, see Understanding Protection Level.

For more information about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security and how this property affects general security features, see Securing Services and Programming WCF Security. For more information about the transport mode, see Transport Security.

Note that if you choose TransportWithMessageCredential, then the value set in HttpClientCredentialType or TcpClientCredentialType is ignored.

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