SyndicationItem.Copyright Property


Gets or sets the copyright information for the syndication item.

 property System::ServiceModel::Syndication::TextSyndicationContent ^ Copyright { System::ServiceModel::Syndication::TextSyndicationContent ^ get(); void set(System::ServiceModel::Syndication::TextSyndicationContent ^ value); };
public System.ServiceModel.Syndication.TextSyndicationContent Copyright { get; set; }
member this.Copyright : System.ServiceModel.Syndication.TextSyndicationContent with get, set
Public Property Copyright As TextSyndicationContent

Property Value

A TextSyndicationContent instance that represents copyright information.


The following code shows how to add copyright information to a SyndicationItem.

SyndicationItem item = new SyndicationItem("Item Title", "Item Content", new Uri("http://Item/Alternate/Link"));
item.Copyright = new TextSyndicationContent("Copyright 2007 Contoso");
Dim item As New SyndicationItem("Item Title", "Item Content", New Uri("http:' Item/Alternate/Link"))
item.Copyright = New TextSyndicationContent("Copyright 2007 Contoso")

The following XML shows how this property is serialized to Atom 1.0.

<rights type="text">Copyright 2007</rights>  

The following XML shows how this property is serialized to RSS 2.0.

<a10:rights type="text">Copyright 2007</a10:rights>  


When serialized to Atom 1.0, this property is written to a <rights> element. When serialized to RSS 2.0, this property is written to a <a10:rights> element.

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