AudioSignalProblem Enum


Contains a list of possible problems in the audio signal coming in to a speech recognition engine.

public enum class AudioSignalProblem
public enum AudioSignalProblem
type AudioSignalProblem = 
Public Enum AudioSignalProblem


None 0

No problems with audio input.

NoSignal 2

Audio input is not detected.

TooFast 5

Audio input is too fast.

TooLoud 3

Audio input is too loud.

TooNoisy 1

Audio input has too much background noise.

TooSlow 6

Audio input is too slow.

TooSoft 4

Audio input is too quiet.


The following example defines an event handler that gathers information about an AudioSignalProblemOccurred event.

private SpeechRecognitionEngine sre;  

// Initialize the speech recognition engine.  
private void Initialize()  
  sre = new SpeechRecognitionEngine();  

  // Add a handler for the AudioSignalProblemOccurred event.  
  sre.AudioSignalProblemOccurred += new EventHandler<AudioSignalProblemOccurredEventArgs>(sre_AudioSignalProblemOccurred);  

// Gather information when the AudioSignalProblemOccurred event is raised.  
void sre_AudioSignalProblemOccurred(object sender, AudioSignalProblemOccurredEventArgs e)  
  StringBuilder details = new StringBuilder();  

  details.AppendLine("Audio signal problem information:");  
    " Audio level:               {0}" + Environment.NewLine +  
    " Audio position:            {1}" + Environment.NewLine +  
    " Audio signal problem:      {2}" + Environment.NewLine +  
    " Recognition engine audio position: {3}" + Environment.NewLine,  
    e.AudioLevel, e.AudioPosition, e.AudioSignalProblem,  

  // Insert additional event handler code here.  


The AudioSignalProblemOccurredEventArgs.AudioSignalProblem property gets a member of this enumeration when the SpeechRecognitionEngine or SpeechRecognizer raises a AudioSignalProblemOccurred event.

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