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JsonSerializerOptions.DefaultIgnoreCondition Property


Gets or sets a value that determines when properties with default values are ignored during serialization or deserialization. The default value is Never.

 property System::Text::Json::Serialization::JsonIgnoreCondition DefaultIgnoreCondition { System::Text::Json::Serialization::JsonIgnoreCondition get(); void set(System::Text::Json::Serialization::JsonIgnoreCondition value); };
public System.Text.Json.Serialization.JsonIgnoreCondition DefaultIgnoreCondition { get; set; }
member this.DefaultIgnoreCondition : System.Text.Json.Serialization.JsonIgnoreCondition with get, set
Public Property DefaultIgnoreCondition As JsonIgnoreCondition

Property Value


This property is set to Always.

This property is set after serialization or deserialization has occurred.


IgnoreNullValues has been set to true. These properties cannot be used together.

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