ConfigureAwaitOptions Enum


Options to control behavior when awaiting.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class ConfigureAwaitOptions
public enum ConfigureAwaitOptions
type ConfigureAwaitOptions = 
Public Enum ConfigureAwaitOptions


ContinueOnCapturedContext 1

Attempts to marshal the continuation back to the original SynchronizationContext or TaskScheduler present on the originating thread at the time of the await.

ForceYielding 4

Forces an await on an already completed Task to behave as if the Task wasn't yet completed, such that the current asynchronous method will be forced to yield its execution.

None 0

No options specified.

SuppressThrowing 2

Avoids throwing an exception at the completion of awaiting a Task that ends in the Faulted or Canceled state.

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