EnterpriseServicesInteropOption Enum


Specifies how distributed transactions interact with COM+ transactions.

public enum class EnterpriseServicesInteropOption
public enum EnterpriseServicesInteropOption
type EnterpriseServicesInteropOption = 
Public Enum EnterpriseServicesInteropOption


Automatic 1

Search for an existing COM+ context and synchronize with it if one exists.

Full 2

The System.EnterpriseServices context (which can be retrieved by calling the static method Transaction of the ContextUtil class) and the System.Transactions ambient transaction (which can be retrieved by calling the static method Current of the Transaction class) are always synchronized. This introduces a performance penalty because new System.EnterpriseServices contexts may need to be created.

None 0

There is no synchronization between Transaction and Current.


The .NET Framework allows managed .NET components to participate in COM+ transactions using the classes in the System.EnterpriseServices namespace. However, since the interoperation is not provided by default, you need to use this enumeration to specify how you want to participate in the COM+ context. Specifically, when you create a new TransactionScope, use this enumeration to indicate how you want your transaction to participate in COM+ transactions. For more information, see Interoperability with Enterprise Services and COM+ Transactions.

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