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Transaction.Current Property


Gets or sets the ambient transaction.

 static property System::Transactions::Transaction ^ Current { System::Transactions::Transaction ^ get(); void set(System::Transactions::Transaction ^ value); };
public static System.Transactions.Transaction? Current { get; set; }
public static System.Transactions.Transaction Current { get; set; }
static member Current : System.Transactions.Transaction with get, set
Public Shared Property Current As Transaction

Property Value

A Transaction that describes the current transaction.


For more information on ambient transactions, please see the "Managing transaction flow using TransactionScopeOption" section of the Implementing an Implicit Transaction using Transaction Scope topic.

Although you can set the ambient transaction using this property, you should use the TransactionScope object to manipulate the ambient transaction whenever possible.

This property is thread static. If you change the ambient transaction using this property inside a TransactionScope an InvalidOperationException is thrown when Dispose is called, and the previous ambient transaction value is restored.

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