TransactionScopeOption Enum


Provides additional options for creating a transaction scope.

public enum class TransactionScopeOption
public enum TransactionScopeOption
type TransactionScopeOption = 
Public Enum TransactionScopeOption


Required 0

A transaction is required by the scope. It uses an ambient transaction if one already exists. Otherwise, it creates a new transaction before entering the scope. This is the default value.

RequiresNew 1

A new transaction is always created for the scope.

Suppress 2

The ambient transaction context is suppressed when creating the scope. All operations within the scope are done without an ambient transaction context.


The TransactionScopeOption enumeration is passed to the various constructors of the TransactionScope class to define the transactional behavior of the scope. For more information on how this enumeration is used, see the "Managing Transaction Flow using TransactionScopeOption" section in Implementing An Implicit Transaction Using Transaction Scope.

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