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Type.IsAssignableTo(Type) Method


Determines whether the current type can be assigned to a variable of the specified targetType.

 bool IsAssignableTo(Type ^ targetType);
public bool IsAssignableTo (Type? targetType);
member this.IsAssignableTo : Type -> bool
Public Function IsAssignableTo (targetType As Type) As Boolean



The type to compare with the current type.


true if any of the following conditions is true:

  • The current instance and targetType represent the same type.

  • The current type is derived either directly or indirectly from targetType. The current type is derived directly from targetType if it inherits from targetType; the current type is derived indirectly from targetType if it inherits from a succession of one or more classes that inherit from targetType.

  • targetType is an interface that the current type implements.

  • The current type is a generic type parameter, and targetType represents one of the constraints of the current type.

  • The current type represents a value type, and targetType represents Nullable<c> (Nullable(Of c) in Visual Basic).

false if none of these conditions are true, or if targetType is null.

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