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Uri.UriSchemeFile Field


Specifies that the URI is a pointer to a file. This field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ UriSchemeFile;
public static readonly string UriSchemeFile;
 staticval mutable UriSchemeFile : string
Public Shared ReadOnly UriSchemeFile As String 

Field Value


The following example creates a Uri instance and determines whether the scheme is UriSchemeFile.

Uri^ address2 = gcnew Uri( "file://server/filename.ext" );
if ( address2->Scheme == Uri::UriSchemeFile )
   Console::WriteLine( "Uri is a file" );
Uri address2 =  new Uri("file://server/filename.ext");
if (address2.Scheme == Uri.UriSchemeFile)
    Console.WriteLine("Uri is a file");
let address2 = Uri "file://server/filename.ext"
if address2.Scheme = Uri.UriSchemeFile then
    printfn "Uri is a file"
Dim address2 As New Uri("file://server/filename.ext")
If address2.Scheme = Uri.UriSchemeFile Then
    Console.WriteLine("Uri is a file")
End If


In .NET Framework version 1.1, a "file:///path" URI was translated to "file:/path". This has been corrected for version 2.0.

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