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IImplicitResourceProvider Interface


Defines methods a class implements to act as an implicit resource provider.

public interface class IImplicitResourceProvider
public interface IImplicitResourceProvider
type IImplicitResourceProvider = interface
Public Interface IImplicitResourceProvider


Resources can be declared explicitly or implicitly within a page. Implicit resources allow the developer to assign a collection of resource values to a control in one statement rather than assigning each value individually. When the page parser encounters an implicit resource in the form of meta:resourcekey="WelcomeLabel", it assigns all the values with the WelcomeLabel resource key prefix to the corresponding values in the control. For example, if a resource file defines values for WelcomeLabel.Text and WelcomeLabel.ToolTip, those values would be assigned to a Label control with an implicit reference to WelcomeLabel.

The IImplicitResourceProvider interface defines the methods a resource provider implements to access implicit resources. You can obtain a particular value using the GetObject method.

If you create a custom resource provider, you do not need to provide customized support for implicit resource localization. Implicit localization will work with your resource provider.



Gets a collection of implicit resource keys as specified by the prefix.

GetObject(ImplicitResourceKey, CultureInfo)

Gets an object representing the value of the specified resource key.

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