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ResourceExpressionFields.ResourceKey Property


Gets the resource key for a parsed resource expression.

 property System::String ^ ResourceKey { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ResourceKey { get; }
member this.ResourceKey : string
Public ReadOnly Property ResourceKey As String

Property Value

A String containing the resource key, or Empty if the resource key has not been set.


This method returns the resource key for a parsed resource expression. The resource key is the value specified after the comma (,) in an expression of the form <%$ Resources: ClassKey, ResourceKey %>. The ResourceKey property identifies a particular key/value pair within the resource file mapped to the class key. For example, if a file named Financial.resx contains a key called Currency, that value could be specified with the resource expression <%$ Resources: Financial, Currency %>. After parsing, the ResourceKey property would return "Currency" as its value.


Sensitive information should not be stored in a resource file.

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