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SessionStateSection.Mode Property


Gets or sets a value specifying where to store the session state.

 property System::Web::SessionState::SessionStateMode Mode { System::Web::SessionState::SessionStateMode get(); void set(System::Web::SessionState::SessionStateMode value); };
[System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("mode", DefaultValue=System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateMode.InProc)]
public System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateMode Mode { get; set; }
[<System.Configuration.ConfigurationProperty("mode", DefaultValue=System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateMode.InProc)>]
member this.Mode : System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateMode with get, set
Public Property Mode As SessionStateMode

Property Value

One of the SessionStateMode values. The default value is InProc.



The following code example demonstrates how to get the Mode property. Refer to the code example in the SessionStateSection class topic to learn how to access the SessionStateSection object.

// Display the current Mode property value.
Console.WriteLine("Mode: {0}",
' Display the current Mode property value.
Console.WriteLine("Mode: {0}", sessionStateSection.Mode)


The SessionStateMode is not a required attribute and can be inherited from a higher level in the configuration hierarchy or from the default value. However, the configuration handler for this section will always write out the mode based on the current inherited value when writing this section.

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