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HttpPostedFile.ContentType Property


Gets the MIME content type of a file sent by a client.

 property System::String ^ ContentType { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ContentType { get; }
member this.ContentType : string
Public ReadOnly Property ContentType As String

Property Value

The MIME content type of the uploaded file.


The following code example shows how to loop through all the files in the uploaded file collection and take action when the MIME type of a file is US-ASCII.

HttpFileCollection MyFileCollection = Request.Files;

 for (int Loop1 = 0; Loop1 < MyFileCollection.Count; Loop1++)
    if (MyFileCollection[Loop1].ContentType == "video/mpeg")
Dim Loop1 As Integer
 Dim MyFileCollection As HttpFileCollection = Request.Files
 For Loop1 = 0 To MyFileCollection.Count - 1
    If MyFileCollection(Loop1).ContentType = "video/mpeg" Then
    End If
 Next Loop1

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