WebFailureAuditEvent.IncrementPerfCounters Method


Increments the Audit Failure Events Raised performance counter.

protected public:
 override void IncrementPerfCounters();
protected internal override void IncrementPerfCounters ();
override this.IncrementPerfCounters : unit -> unit
Protected Friend Overrides Sub IncrementPerfCounters ()


The Audit Failure Events Raised performance counter tracks the number of failed audit events raised since the application started. This method also calls the parent IncrementPerfCounters method, which increments the Events Raised counter. This counter tracks the total number of events raised.

To view these performance counters in System Monitor (PerfMon), in the Add Counters window select ASP.NET from the Performance object drop-down list, select the performance counter you want to view, and click the Add button.

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