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RouteDirection Enum


Indicates whether ASP.NET routing is processing a URL from a client or generating a URL.

public enum class RouteDirection
public enum RouteDirection
type RouteDirection = 
Public Enum RouteDirection


IncomingRequest 0

A URL from a client is being processed.

UrlGeneration 1

A URL is being created based on the route definition.


You can use ASP.NET routing to process a URL by matching it to the route definitions in an ASP.NET application, or to generate URLs that are based on the route definitions. The RouteDirection enumeration provides values that help you differentiate between these scenarios. This is useful because route constraints are processed differently depending on the scenario. If you create a custom route constraint by implementing the IRouteConstraint interface, you might have to check the value of the routeDirection parameter in the Match method to differentiate the scenarios.

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