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Membership.HashAlgorithmType Property


The identifier of the algorithm used to hash passwords.

 static property System::String ^ HashAlgorithmType { System::String ^ get(); };
public static string HashAlgorithmType { get; }
static member HashAlgorithmType : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Property HashAlgorithmType As String

Property Value

The identifier of the algorithm used to hash passwords, or blank to use the default hash algorithm.


The HashAlgorithmType property identifies the custom hash algorithm used by the Membership class. You set the HashAlgorithmType property using the hashAlgorithmType attribute of the membership element.

The .NET Framework enables you to configure custom cryptography classes using the <cryptographySettings> element configuration section. The HashAlgorithmType property must match the name attribute of the <nameEntry> element in a <cryptoNameMapping> element. For more information, see Mapping Algorithm Names to Cryptography Classes.

If the HashAlgorithmType property is not set, the Membership class uses the hash algorithm set in the validation attribute of the <machineKey> element.

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