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MembershipUser.IsLockedOut Property


Gets a value indicating whether the membership user is locked out and unable to be validated.

 virtual property bool IsLockedOut { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IsLockedOut { get; }
member this.IsLockedOut : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsLockedOut As Boolean

Property Value

true if the membership user is locked out and unable to be validated; otherwise, false.


Users are most commonly locked out and cannot be validated by the ValidateUser method when the MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts is reached within the PasswordAttemptWindow.

Users can also be locked out if you use the GetPassword or ResetPassword overload that accepts a password answer and the number of bad answers entered by the user reaches the Membership.MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts within the Membership.PasswordAttemptWindow.

To set this property to false and let the user try to log in again, you can use the UnlockUser method.

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