Control.BuildProfileTree(String, Boolean) Method


Gathers information about the server control and delivers it to the Trace property to be displayed when tracing is enabled for the page.

 void BuildProfileTree(System::String ^ parentId, bool calcViewState);
protected void BuildProfileTree (string parentId, bool calcViewState);
member this.BuildProfileTree : string * bool -> unit
Protected Sub BuildProfileTree (parentId As String, calcViewState As Boolean)



The identifier of the control's parent.


A Boolean that indicates whether the view-state size is calculated.


This property gathers the information necessary about a page's UI hierarchy and passes it to the page's <trace> property. When you enable tracing, either for a page or for your application, this information is displayed in the Control Tree section of the trace output. Trace output for a page is appended to the end of the page; while trace output for an application can be viewed from the trace viewer (trace.axd file) which is stored in the application's root directory. For more information about tracing, see ASP.NET Tracing Overview.

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