IUrlResolutionService Interface


Defines a service implemented by objects to resolve relative URLs based on contextual information.

public interface class IUrlResolutionService
public interface IUrlResolutionService
type IUrlResolutionService = interface
Public Interface IUrlResolutionService


This interface defines the service that is used to resolve URL paths. The IUrlResolutionService interface is used for resolving relative paths and paths that contain the ~ operator. Server controls that reference resources can define the paths to the resources through the ~ operator, which represents the root of the current application. A path containing the ~ operator will not work if passed to the browser. The server control must convert the path to an absolute or relative path before passing it to the browser.

Control implements this interface. A control that derives from Control could override this implementation to provide customized resolution of URLs.



Returns a resolved URL that is suitable for use by the client.

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