UpdatePanel.Triggers Property


Gets an UpdatePanelTriggerCollection object that contains AsyncPostBackTrigger and PostBackTrigger objects that were registered declaratively for the UpdatePanel control.

 property System::Web::UI::UpdatePanelTriggerCollection ^ Triggers { System::Web::UI::UpdatePanelTriggerCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Web.UI.UpdatePanelTriggerCollection Triggers { get; }
member this.Triggers : System.Web.UI.UpdatePanelTriggerCollection
Public ReadOnly Property Triggers As UpdatePanelTriggerCollection

Property Value

A collection of objects of type AsyncPostBackTrigger and PostBackTrigger.



The Triggers property gets a collection of all the triggers that have been defined for the UpdatePanel control. (You can define triggers declaratively by using the UpdatePanelTrigger Collection Editor dialog box in the designer or by using the <Triggers> element of the UpdatePanel control.) The collection includes AsyncPostBackTrigger and PostBackTrigger objects.

Declarative triggers that are defined in the Triggers collection are not tracked in view state.

When a control that is a naming container is used as a trigger, all its child controls that cause postback behave as triggers.

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