BorderStyle Enum


Specifies the border style of a control.

public enum class BorderStyle
public enum BorderStyle
type BorderStyle = 
Public Enum BorderStyle


Dashed 3

A dashed line border.

Dotted 2

A dotted line border.

Double 5

A double solid line border.

Groove 6

A grooved border for a sunken border appearance.

Inset 8

An inset border for a sunken control appearance.

None 1

No border.

NotSet 0

No set border style.

Outset 9

An outset border for a raised control appearance.

Ridge 7

A ridged border for a raised border appearance.

Solid 4

A solid line border.


The BorderStyle enumeration represents the different border style options for a control.

The width of the border is controlled by using the BorderWidth property of the WebControl class.


When using the Double style, the border width you specify must be at least 3 pixels wide to accommodate both lines and the space in between.

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