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AutomationElement.AutomationElementInformation.IsOffscreen Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the UI Automation element is visible on the screen.

 property bool IsOffscreen { bool get(); };
public bool IsOffscreen { get; }
member this.IsOffscreen : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsOffscreen As Boolean

Property Value

true if the control is not visible; otherwise false.


A Boolean value that indicates if an element is completely scrolled (for example, an item in a list box is outside the viewport of the container object) or collapsed (for example, an item in a tree view, menu, or a minimized window) out of view.

If the element has a clickable point that can cause it to be focused, it is considered to be onscreen even when a portion of the element is off screen.

The value of the property is not affected by occlusion by other windows, or by whether the element is visible on a specific monitor.

When IsOffscreen is true, an element that is scrolled or collapsed out of view, but is still part of the end-users perception of the UI, can be brought back into view by simple manipulation, such as scrolling or clicking on a drop-down control.

If the element is something that the end-user does not perceive at all or is referred to as being "programmatically hidden" (for example, a dialog box that has been dismissed but where the underlining object is cached by the application) then it should be removed from the element tree rather than setting the value of IsOffscreen to true.

When the value is true for a container, it is also true for the container element's descendants.

For more information, see IsOffscreenProperty.

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