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ContentElement.MouseRightButtonDown Event


Occurs when the right mouse button is pressed while the mouse pointer is over this element.

 virtual event System::Windows::Input::MouseButtonEventHandler ^ MouseRightButtonDown;
public event System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventHandler MouseRightButtonDown;
member this.MouseRightButtonDown : System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventHandler 
Public Custom Event MouseRightButtonDown As MouseButtonEventHandler 

Event Type



Although this Routed Events Overview seems to follow a bubbling route through an element tree, it actually is a direct routed event that is raised and reraised along the element tree by each ContentElement.

This event is one of several related events that report the mouse-button specifics of an underlying Mouse.MouseDown event, which is an attached event that is processed by each element along an event route.

The arguments of this event expose the arguments of the underlying Mouse.MouseDown event. If that event is marked as handled along the event route, the mouse-button specific events are still raised; however, handlers of the mouse-button specific events must be added by explicitly calling AddHandler, with the option to handle events that are already marked as handled, in order to be listeners to the event.

Conceptually, think of this event (and other mouse-button events on ContentElement) to be a mouse "service" (with the service definition provided by the Mouse class). The event adds the convenience of not needing to check the mouse button states (left-right, up-down) of the original mouse events in the event data. For more advanced scenarios, such as checking for states of non-standard buttons, you might need to use the APIs on the Mouse class rather than those on ContentElement.

Right button mouse events frequently have native handling in application scenarios. For instance, a right mouse button down might display a context menu. See ContextMenu Overview.

Routed Event Information

Identifier field MouseRightButtonDownEvent
Routing strategy Direct
Delegate MouseButtonEventHandler

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