TextPointer.GetCharacterRect(LogicalDirection) Method


Returns a bounding box (Rect) for content that borders the current TextPointer in the specified logical direction.

 System::Windows::Rect GetCharacterRect(System::Windows::Documents::LogicalDirection direction);
public System.Windows.Rect GetCharacterRect (System.Windows.Documents.LogicalDirection direction);
member this.GetCharacterRect : System.Windows.Documents.LogicalDirection -> System.Windows.Rect
Public Function GetCharacterRect (direction As LogicalDirection) As Rect



One of the LogicalDirection values that specifies the logical direction in which to find a content bounding box.


A bounding box for content that borders the current TextPointer in the specified direction, or Empty if current, valid layout information is unavailable.


TextElement edges are not considered content for the purposes of this method. If the TextPointer is positioned before a TextElement edge, the return value is a bounding box for the next non-TextElement content in the specified direction. If there is no content in the specified direction, a zero-width Rect is returned with a height matching the height of any preceding content.

The operation performed by this method depends on a valid layout. When necessary, this method attempts to automatically regenerate a valid layout before proceeding with the operation. Regenerating a layout can be a relatively expensive operation. Use the HasValidLayout property to check for a valid layout before performing operations that may regenerate the layout. For more information, see Layout.

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