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Typography.EastAsianLanguage Property


Gets or sets a FontEastAsianLanguage enumerated value that indicates the version of glyphs to be used for a specific writing system or language.

 property System::Windows::FontEastAsianLanguage EastAsianLanguage { System::Windows::FontEastAsianLanguage get(); void set(System::Windows::FontEastAsianLanguage value); };
public System.Windows.FontEastAsianLanguage EastAsianLanguage { get; set; }
member this.EastAsianLanguage : System.Windows.FontEastAsianLanguage with get, set
Public Property EastAsianLanguage As FontEastAsianLanguage

Property Value

A FontEastAsianLanguage enumerated value. The default value is Normal.


This property gets or sets a value on the object that owns a Typography property, which is the only way to access a Typography class instance. In addition, this property supports an attached property usage so that it can be set on text-containing objects in XAML.

XAML Attribute Usage

<object Typography.EastAsianLanguage="FontEastAsianLanguage"/>

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field EastAsianLanguageProperty
Metadata properties set to true AffectsMeasure, AffectsRender, Inherits

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