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Cursor.Current Property


Gets or sets a cursor object that represents the mouse cursor.

 static property System::Windows::Forms::Cursor ^ Current { System::Windows::Forms::Cursor ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::Forms::Cursor ^ value); };
public static System.Windows.Forms.Cursor Current { get; set; }
public static System.Windows.Forms.Cursor? Current { get; set; }
static member Current : System.Windows.Forms.Cursor with get, set
Public Shared Property Current As Cursor

Property Value

A Cursor that represents the mouse cursor. The default is null if the mouse cursor is not visible.


Setting the Current property changes the cursor currently displayed. The application may or may not continue to listen for mouse events. To signal that the application should not respond to mouse events during a long-running operation, use the UseWaitCursor property. In most cases, however, it's better to use a background thread to manage a long-running operation, and leave your user interface accessible to the user. For more information on easily implementing a background task, see BackgroundWorker.

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