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FolderBrowserDialog.ClientGuid Property


Gets or sets the GUID to associate with this dialog state. Typically, state such as the last visited folder and the position and size of the dialog is persisted based on the name of the executable file. By specifying a GUID, an application can have different persisted states for different versions of the dialog within the same application (for example, an import dialog and an open dialog).

This functionality is not available if an application is not using visual styles or if AutoUpgradeEnabled is set to false.

 property Nullable<Guid> ClientGuid { Nullable<Guid> get(); void set(Nullable<Guid> value); };
public Guid? ClientGuid { get; set; }
member this.ClientGuid : Nullable<Guid> with get, set
Public Property ClientGuid As Nullable(Of Guid)

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